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makai psalm, number thirty

that shadow, that darkness. it becomes a hellish arrow through the agito of time. unable to pierce those dark corpses. fated to someday run out of time, i whisper love to you. inga makes this black planet turn. i entrust a bloody soul to those hands. nails are the 'truth' swords are the 'past'. when the monochrome rainbow reaches a black heaven. the demons gone, the hunter despairs. the depths of battle do not disappear.
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[ it's my birthday & rei gave me this for it. because rei would definitely steal & eat kouga's birthday cake if he could. like she did with my plurk cake. &there is kouga's reaction. ]
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[ well. he's waiting for shingo to appear ]
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Alright, I know I've made jokes that Takeru & Kouga are alike & they are, they're both dotting swordsmen, they both had similar childhoods, they both have giant fucking swords & ride horses. They were both isolated at a young age & had to train to live up to the expectations placed on them. But Kouga & Takeru are two different people, as well as characters. Yes, they both have similar attributes that drew me to playing them, but they are also v. different. & the reason why I decided to app Kouga in the end was because A) I was told that I played him differently than I played Takeru & B) I noticed in the end that, that was true. Anyway, let's continue on.

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I'm basically only human, which means I'm liable to make some mistakes on characterization. Especially if it's the first time I'm playing said character. This is why posts like this exist. Feel free to comment & critique me on my interpretation of Saejima Kouga; I'll do my best to listen & take in any advice you might have for me.

As always, ip logging is off & anon is on.
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[ Age ] 25

[ Height ] 182cm

[ Weight ] 65kg

[ Medical Info ] has a lot of scars

[ Birthday ] 1982-Feb-20

[ Eyes ] dark brown

[ Hair ] light brown

[ Physical traits ] KONISHI FUCKING RYOSEI

[ What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her ] anything!

[ Abilities ] MAKAI KNIGHT [ can summon golden armor, skills with wielding a sword, hand to hand combat ]

[ Secondary Abilities ] ZARUBA [ can sense horrors, create rings that can be used as trackers, create a door to the makai path & etc ] MADOUBI LIGHTER [ can translate letters into the makai language, can be used to identify a horror possessing a human body, can help with burning away specific poisons combined with antidotes ]

[ Notes for the Psychics ] kaoru, fighting, horrors, kaoru, leo, rei, gonza, jabi, etc

[ Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc? ] go ahead but get ready for pain

[ Maim/Murder/Death ] GO AHEAD

[ Cooking ] no, i've got a butler who does that

[ Extra ] A small gold fish ( makai dragon ) follows Kouga around & takes residence in his coat. Its name is Kaoru. But he didn't name it. Dumb Zaruba >_>
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Character: Saejima Kouga | Garo: The Golden Knight
Series: Garo | Garo: Makai Senki
Character Age: 25
Job: Horror Instructor
Canon: In this world, there is an ancient order called the Makai that has existed for centuries. Within this order there is the Senate, where orders come from and Makai Knights. Makai Knights are warriors that fight against evil to protect the peace and save lives. Their purpose is to fight against Horrors, monsters that manifest from the darkness found within the hearts of humanity. They possess or hunt humans down as their prey, devouring them in a bevy of different ways such as through their shadows or from a lit cigarette. Makai Knights are the only ones able to fight against and destroy these monsters. Combined with the harsh training they must undergo, they are forged into living weapons dedicated to the cause of protecting humanity.

Saejima Kouga fights against Horrors as Garo: the Golden Knight, a figure of respect even among other Makai knights. Kouga spent most of his life training hard to follow in the footsteps of his father, who was the previous Garo. Because of this, he gets little to no exposure to the outside world which causes him to grow up to be a loner. This worsens when his father is killed in battle right in front of his eyes. He becomes even more closed off, single-mindedly dedicating himself to fighting Horrors and saving people's lives. This changes over time, but even with that, he is still ultimately dedicated to battle. He is also very strict, formal and rarely shows his emotions, often wearing a deadpan expression in most situations. However, despite how cold and unattached he acts, he has a noble heart and cares deeply for the sanctity of human life, as well as the people close to him.

Sample Post: Camp Fuck You Die? The name itself is crude and unnecessary. There's no reason why any place should be called that. Especially a camp for training future Makai Knights. How useless. But it doesn't matter, the Senate sent me here to accomplish an important task. It's my duty to follow through with it and do what I must. The job I was given is Horror instructor. The title itself is odd, but I’ve figured out that it means I have to teach the few chosen children in this camp about Horrors and train them in the ways of being a knight.

While this isn’t fighting on the battlefield, training the next generation is an important job nonetheless. If even one of these children can grow up to be a knight then many lives can be saved. To protect the future of those lives, I’ll follow through with this job because they’ll be able to use this training to do such things like protect the barrier surrounding this camp. However, I don't understand why these movies were included with my repertoire; I hardly think something titled 'The Ring' will be educational in this matter. This hockey mask is unnecessary as well. It’s made of cheap plastic and won’t be able to serve as a proper guard against an attack. These things have nothing to do with Horrors.

Never mind that; it's not my job to fix the mistakes camp's staff has made. Instead, let’s get to work. I can already tell that this will be a tough job after looking into the lifeless eyes of some of you. But the basics of what it means to be a knight requires discipline, training and dedication. If I catch any of you slacking off, I’ll make you run 100 laps around camp as punishment. As it is, I don't thi-- you there, stop wandering around and fall into line with the rest! Dallying about like that, what do you think you're accomplishing by distracting your peers? Obviously, you think it's a good thing to be a jokester, don't you? Walking in such an uncoordinated manner, without even a thought on how to balance your movements.

Do you think you'll make it as a Makai Knight that way? You won't. And ripping your arm off and using it to beat your friend isn't- wait, no normal human could do such a thing. Has this camp already been infiltrated? No, there's no time to think. All of you back away from him! Did you think you could fool me with that poor masquerade? It's obvious now that you've taken over one of my students. That dead-eyed look tells me enough, and you calling out for brains just proves that you're a Horror. To devour life force in such a way, a Horror like you shouldn’t exist!

You won't be obtaining any brains today. And don’t think your so-called tentacle mistress can save you!

( 97.8% ) [ VOTING POST @ HERE ]


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