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魔導具 ( madougu ): Makai Knights carry a piece of sentient gothic jewelry that is able to help train and advise its wearer and detect Horrors. Only experienced Makai Knights are permitted to possess one. Each Madōgu has its own unique capabilities, personality, and powers. Madōgu are given life and sustained by a special purifying water, which stagnates over time and causes the Madōgu to rust and come down with a burning fever before its supply is renewed. Based on Zaruba's capabilities, the Madōgu may empower certain techniques when a Knight is in their armored form, and possess other abilities like dispelling Horror influence.

魔導火 ( madoubi ) & madou lighter: is a spiritual fire that's commonly used by the Makai to detect and destroy Horrors, enhance offensive capacity, and heal injuries. This unique fire is contained in a specially made lighter by Makai Priests. The Madou Lighter is a gothic themed Madoubi lighter that resembles a demonic eye. All Madou Lighters have a special piece of gemstone that can be revealed by removing the outer casing of the lighter. The lighter requires maintenance by the Makai Priests from time-to-time or it can stall. It also requires occasional "refueling". Madō Fire is blasted into the gemstone piece for refueling by the Watchdogs' wolf statue. The lighter is often seen used to heal, open "Orders Documents", detect Horrors, and activate Garo's Blazing Armament technique.

魔導馬 ( madouba ): are one of Makai Beasts in the form of armored stallions that assist the Makai Knights in combat. They have the ability to enter and travel through other realms and can leave the battlefield if the Makai Knights so choose. Madou Horses can only be summoned when the Makai Knights are in their armored form. Only those who slay over one hundred Horrors can qualify for a special trial to gain a steed. After passing the trial, they can summon Madou Horses at will. Madou Horses have the ability to enhance their rider's combat abilities. Madou Horses are not bound to their owner exclusively and can be lent to others, such in the case of Jabi when she summons Gouten to fight against the red-masked man.

リバートラの刻 ( reverter ): is a healing potion used treat minor injuries such as cuts. The potion is ingested by the injured party, who then applies Madou Fire to the wound, which heals it completely.

指令書 ( shireisho: orders document ): The Watchdogs always mail letters to dispatch the Makai Knights. The Orders Document itself is sealed in a traditional letter and branded with a wax seal. The Madou Lighter is used to burn the document and the contents magically reveal an unknown calligraphy that only the Makai know for orders and/or invitations. The majority of the documents are usually about the appearance of a Horror or invitation to speak with the Watchdogs.

ソウルメタル ( soul metal ): responds to the wielder's strength and thoughts, as such a trained body and a strong will are required to effectively wield anything made out of Soul Metal. The weapons crafted from the metal are designed to slay Horrors, and the armors of the Makai Knights are made almost entirely out of it, providing incredible resilience and increasing the physical abilities of the wearer. Soul Metal's potential is based on the wielder's will. Taiga displayed he can make Soul Metal light as a feather or heavy as a meteorite. These weapons, however, require purification after being used to slay a Horror. Normal humans without sufficient will and training cannot lift Soul Metal of any visible size. Direct contact by those untrained in its usage will lead to injury, as it burns flesh due to its magical properties. As with other qualities, sharpness of Soul Metal blades are dependent on the wielders, at trained hands these blades are able to slice through solid rock with almost no effort. When a Makai Knight falls into darkness, the Knight's Soul Metal turns into Death Metal. Based on how Rei wields his swords, which has his fingers wrapped around the hilt and the blade as well, it is implied that blades made of Soul Metal need not be sharp to cut.


( makai training ): there are times when a Makai Knight will train their child to become a Knight. However, this is only possible if the child is male. Women are unable to become knights; they can only become Makai Priestesses. However, there are also times when a child is sent to a Makai training village. It's there where bloodline doesn't matter. What matters is the individual as well as the group's strength. The children's names are taken away from them and replaced with the names of colors to protect the identity of the ones who will eventually become Makai knights.

魔戒騎士 ( makai knight ): are the primary elite fighting force of the Makai. Each knight has their own set of mystical wolf-themed armor and abilities that are unique to themselves, but all carry a Madougu as an advisor and Horror detector. The armor and the Madougu is passed down through generations from father to son, or from master to apprentice. No Makai Knight can stay in their armored form for more than 99.9 seconds. If this time limit is surpassed, the armor starts to burn its wearer. This is because the armor is made of Soul Metal, something that only trained people can use, such as Makai Knights or Makai Priests. Extended periods of contact with Soul Metal, even for trained users, can be fatal, as Soul Metal burns away normal human flesh upon contact and is tougher than any other metals due to its magical properties.

Makai Knights must be able to control their emotions and their yin and yang balance. If there is an overwhelming amount of yin when their armor's time limit is surpassed, the armor's inherent demonic powers start to take over the Knight, giving him tremendous power, but turning him into an uncontrollable monster known as a Lost Soul Beast (心滅獣身) with his very soul being worn away in the process. The time limit is also circumvented whenever a Makai Knight is fighting in the home realm of a Horror, or any area with a particularly strong magical presence. Also, by the time of Garo: Makai Senki, it seems that experienced Knights like Garo and Zero, when in good physical condition, are able to extend their armor's limit somewhat. The armor can be enhanced by infusions of spiritual energy, evidenced by the different forms Garo takes during the series.

Makai Knighthood is also known to be a family affair. Makai Knights and Priests are often from a long traditional lineage of family names. Already known are the Yamagatana and the Saejima family lines, but new non-traditional members practice the Makai ways as well. Adopted orphans such as Rei Suzumura have joined the ranks of Makai Knights without a bloodline lineage. However, those who come from a traditional line are known to be documented in Makai books for information purposes. According to Kengi, one of Kouga's old mentors, only men are allowed to become Makai Knights for reasons yet unexplained. While being brought up as combat specialists, they are not forbidden to train in the use of magic and though small in numbers, there are indeed Knights like Tsubasa who incorporates magic into his fighting style.

The one who takes the title of Garo is regarded to be the strongest Knight. While this is not a formal ranking in itself and no preferential treatment is given to the said Knight, as seen in Garo: Makai Senki where Garo has to prove himself over the years before getting promoted to be a Knight serving under the Senate, the title nonetheless commands respect and even awe among the Knights, so much so that the symbol of Garo itself is instantly recognized by any Knight.

魔戒法師 ( makai priests/priestesses ) were the first to battle the Horrors. The Makai Priests possess a vast knowledge of spells, purification and sealing techniques, while also have varying degree of martial capabilities. All Knights wield at least one Madou Brush as a means of channeling magical energies. Unlike the knights where they are combat specialists, areas of study as well as capabilities of Makai Priests seem to vary by great degrees, with some working on the front-lines often to support Makai Knights, sporting advanced martial capabilities and adept use of combat magic; while some others work almost exclusively behind the scenes, specializing in magics that are more delicate and time-consuming. While effective against low-level Horrors, the Makai Priests lack the combative experiences and capabilities, such as the ability to wield long blades, as well as being incapable of donning Makai Armor, to deal with stronger Horrors. As a result, the Makai Priests eventually take on the role of supports and armorers for Makai Knights, creating anti-Horror devices, the Madougu, and various other weapons, as well as using their magic-related knowledge to aid the Makai Knights in many ways. In the absence of Knights in a Priest's territory, the said Priest can serve as a back-up as well and opt to temporarily take the Knight's place in hunting Horrors.


バルチャス ( barchess ): is similar to regular chess, but played with Makai magical skills, The pieces represent a type of warrior in the form of a colored block along with an illustrated black ink illustration of a warrior. When the pieces encounter each other, the player puts the uncolored sides together and put the pieces on their sides. The players then charge energy to the pieces, and the ink-illustrated pieces come to "life" and fight. The pieces respond to players' reactions and if the piece is slain, the defeated pieces fly off the board and disintegrate. An old Makai tradition has a Makai Knight give a Barchess piece to a good friend going on a dangerous journey for luck. It is also a game where you can bet years of your life on.

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