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[ why anyone can use their skills if trained ]

《冴島 鋼牙》 the basis of a lot of things makai knights can do are based on makai power for lack of a better word
《冴島 鋼牙》 but unlike the shinkengers
《冴島 鋼牙》 this power is not technically passed on through generations
《冴島 鋼牙》 rei is evidence of this
《冴島 鋼牙》 he's an orphan who was taken in by a makai knight and trained into being one
《冴島 鋼牙》 so it's not an inherent power
《冴島 鋼牙》 it's something that anyone can acess, i think.
《冴島 鋼牙》 with diligent training
《冴島 鋼牙》 and another knight or mentor to teach them how to access that power and use it
《冴島 鋼牙》 like the training in the use of soul metal
《冴島 鋼牙》 so it's possible to teach others some moves and teachings of a makai knight
《冴島 鋼牙》 or even to teach them how to play the barchess game which requires the use of makai power
《冴島 鋼牙》 this can also be proven
《冴島 鋼牙》 in how MANY makai knights and priests/priestesses there are
《冴島 鋼牙》 in makai senki we see HUNDREDS of them
《冴島 鋼牙》 so obviously it's not a 'rare power'
《冴島 鋼牙》 and it's not a position or thing that is based on-- what's the word
《冴島 鋼牙》 positions? authority?
《冴島 鋼牙》 like anyone can be one
《冴島 鋼牙》 rei's father was a makai knight
《冴島 鋼牙》 but he was also a butler
《冴島 鋼牙》 also i think i am guessing on this? but the fact that both makai knights and priests/priestesses can move the way they do
《冴島 鋼牙》 in their magical kung fu
《冴島 鋼牙》 is because i think they're using makai power
《冴島 鋼牙》 to help with their movements
《冴島 鋼牙》 and give them a boost. like a jump is turned into a leap due to it
にわとり it's totally possible
нarмonιхer。 Explains how Rei was able to jump over a goddamn car when he saved bitty!Misao.