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Saejima Kouga ( 冴島 鋼牙 ) ([personal profile] garo) wrote2012-05-01 10:22 pm
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[ well. he's waiting for shingo to appear ]
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[here and on time! only looking a little nervous]
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[bows slightly] I didn't want to be late, Saejima-san.
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[nods and starts that--he knows some of those, and he's fairly limber]
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[i'm not well trained, but i'm not going to hurt myself stretching. gets back up when he's done, still trying not to look nervous]
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[nods attentively]
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[nods and closes his eyes, casting about for something he can concentrate on fully. his body goes still and his breath deepens as he imagines a flame and tries to focus on that, his brow slightly furrowed]
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[nods, keeping his breathing slow and even]
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[he wants to ask what next, but part of the point of this is to not be impatient so he keeps still]
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[twitches in surprise when you touch him with his eyes still closed, but only barely]

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[that feels exceedingly odd, but he tenses his legs and jumps]
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[i do manage not to scream like a girl with a spider down her dress, to my credit

but how am i going to land]
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[ooh kouga-san oooh

no seriously just kind of clutching at you for a second holy fuck warn a guy next time okay I WAS TRYING TO BE CALM OVER HERE]
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Thank you. [eases out of your hold to settle his feet somewhat gingerly back on the ground]

...that was different.
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[laughs a little, weakly]

I guess now's a bad time to mention that I used to be terrified of heights, and of falling. [braces himself a bit better this time, looking determined] All right, go ahead.
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[breathes in carefully and really focuses on how the gathering energy feels, and when he pushes off he tries to stay upright this time]
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[manages to mostly land on his feet this time before falling over, but he gets back up and brushes himself off quickly, looking thoughtful]
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Ah--it's nice to hear when I'm doing well. ...this is all very new. [resisting the urge to rub his leg, looking thoughtful]