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Hisoka. This is a strange CR all by itself because it's HISOKA. We started threading because CROSSOVER. Konishi Ryousei played Bossman in the HxH musical. So we had Hisoka be like OMG IS IT YOU-- no wait. & then things got more awesome & stranger because Kouga doesn't understand a lot of things. He doesn't. When someone says date, he thinks it's a date, not going out romantically. It's just. This CR is magical because now Kouga is on alert for Hisoka even though he is an unofficial babysitter now. But they have threads & homo threads & it is all magical period & I love it.

Machi. ububub they are so cute. SO CUTE. They just both deadpan sometimes & then the wind swishes their coat/ribbon. & they go on stupid unofficial outings like to the cafe where they order stuff to make the other person eat. & it's cute & it's awkward sometimes, but it's just one of my favorite CRS period. Also because Nikki is my sweet, sweet baby.


Yui Hirasawa. why are you getting to my two dotters? Kouga just stares at Yui sometimes because he doesn't understand her. Unlike Takeru, he just stares. & doesn't react that much. But he approaches her all the time anyway because she's familiar to him.

Shingo. He is training Shingo now. ANOTHER STUDENT GET. This CR is still pretty new, but it's going places because Kouga likes the determination Shingo has, likes Shingo's general personality. He's a good guy, period.

Senri. He reacts & Kouga just stands there as calm as possible & says things, while Senri goes: YOU ARE WEIRD. Well Machi does that too. But still. Kouga is so calm that he just faces Senri's dramatics & he's like, "It's cool."

Taiki. WE ARE CABINMATES DUR HUR. Kouga got along with him extremely well in their thread & it was like. Hello somewhat kindred soul. Let us both be calm & logical & deal with the insanity within our cabin.

Kane. WHAT DO? You are too nice & open & generally sweet. He gave him a bunny named Ad. & now Kouga has a fren in a bunny. & then they showed each other their henshins & it was like WAIT THERE IS TOKU LOGIC HERE- why are you posing & saying a catchphrase? There was judging happening there. There was.

Demyx. YOU ARE STRANGE. PERIOD. Kouga just sometimes stares at Demyx & kind of treats him like he treats Yui. Because right now they are in the same category. More threadings will happen & this will change because I can see Demyx having the same influence that Rei sort of has on him.

Pell. Augh, how much did I love this thread? I got to talk about the logistics of Makai stuff & also had to headcanon about it too, but it was great because Kouga got ANOTHER STUDENT. YEAP. It's just. I really like how interactive I can be about this & having a character like Pell helps because Pell has good reasons for wanting to learn. Pell also has previous experience with control & power & etc, which makes it even easier. Also, the most recent thread they had was adorable & let's go fight dem frogs.

Kiba. ALL THE PINGS. First. Garo = Fanged Wolf. Second, Kiba is the name of the first season baddie/evil Makai Knight. ALL THE PINGS. But gosh this was an awesome thread too because Kiba himself is the type of personality that Kouga kind of flows with. Also, I got to talk MORE about random stuff with Kiba, like associating how his title as 'Fanged Wolf,' sort of pertains to drawing the power of the animal for fighting. Like how Totem poles are, too. Just, again, AWESOME.

Yuri. UM. I THINK THIS WILL BE MAGICAL PERIOD. Yuri was the one who told Kouga all about Hisoka. Like mostly everything. They are both like: I feel sorry for you because you have to deal with Hisoka. There was sympathy all around. Because they are both his babysitters now. & he KNOWS Yuri is strong too because otherwise Hisoka probably wouldn't have an interest in him. Babysitters club was formed. Yeap.
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You're my favorite caretaker.


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Oh god that thread. Poor Kane was left speechless because he didn't know how to respond.
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Yuri actually likes him, at least as much as he'll like anyone. He mentioned to Yuri that he killed Hisoka like it was no big thing, and that does bother Yuri a lot, because that means the chances of him being a criminal are high, yet at the same time... It's Hisoka. Someone killing Hisoka doesn't count as a crime anymore in his mind. ='D
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You don't have to feel bad. Hisoka's not really a person. He's some sort of demonic clown entity. =|a
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*_* Sempai2
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...T-that's not...